...last good bye | final version

translator:  Jarosław Pasztuła

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he's dead and won't get back up
he won't go to work you won't make him breakfast
no kiss goodbye, no hello
died and is dead

still warm and already sharing skin
this will take the stage of the second trailer

the widow will fight over the fire
empty fridge hungry daughter
insurmountable walls in front of the future
assistance from any of the four parties
rubs reddened eyes

I don't believe a family is better than coroners

regret wet wipes
a few pennies for a candle and a priest for prayer

the beloved family has its own affairs
also regrets the images
I don't ask questions about you

oral help when they remember something to grab
they will come and take for nothing
or they will borrow for eternal devotion
have mercy on yourself man what's wrong with your head

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