a vagabond's confession | final version

translator:  Jarosław Pasztuła

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I will leave the house barefoot
I won't look away
to part with history
I will bury my old self

burn the clothes
an old rag covers the body
fear no longer dwells in the heart

free of affairs
I will preach to the world
I will admonish people

close fraction time
almost none on the dial

I'm walking with a smile, I'm not looking for God
walks with me picks me up when I fall
we talk like father to child

I laugh at those with possessions in hand
in the hatred of men distrust in the eye
Not so long ago I was running with the wind
with the wind clouds asphalt rolled under the wheels

I walk barefoot like Wojtek from Arizona
I'm going proudly going where I'm going to die
bury the bones in the ground
they return to Mother
the breath goes to the Father

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