your eyes' light on | ΤΕΛΙΚΗ ΕΚΔΟΧΗ

μεταφραστής:  Eulie Kougia

μεταφρασμένο ποίημα: το φως των ματιών σου -  Eulie Kougia
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See the night:
how it’s growing denser all around!
It surrounds us with close wet woven nets;
it hides the way.
You don’t even have the right of spending energy – hard times.
You’re forced to drive with your low beams
- on slow speed, as well -
since the road’s hidden deep into the heavy rain of dark forecasts.
And, there comes a moment, when you can see the light of your eyes.
You shed it on ahead with all of your heart;
you break the weft of fear.
With your new sight now, you speed up as you will.
The companion says “slow down, I cannot see my step.”
“Shed your eyes’ light over ahead,” you encourage him.
And, as long as he seeks it inside him, you describe the magic of a night ride;
and, you promise, you go straight ahead beyond dawn,

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