Hafiz...* | final version

translator:  Jan Nowak1998

translated poem: Hafizie...* -  Robert Ivo Ivan Krasoń
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Now I know indeed
that with you
I have shared
the fate of a drifter
cool nights
spent in the corner of a foil tent
when around
the frost
kept softly
his footsteps
the leaves of clover ..

How has my troubled mind cleared...

now I know indeed...

bamboo thickets
kept whispering to me about it,
swaying in the stormy wind,
with a roaring voice
the sea kept singing,
and every rock on the beach
kept telling me that story
all over again
I was deafened...

now I know indeed...

light comes from the abyss
it creeps up like a mouse
in search of given bread crumbs
it lingers around ...

Light comes from within
from an open throat
of screaming loneliness
it comes from prayers of solitude

Warmth comes from the hearth
that is being built
with cold stiffened hands

Warmth comes from the fire
over which one is crying
with despair
when it won't ignite ...


how dear to my heart ...
how close ...
are your poems

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