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translator:  Jan Nowak1998

translated poem: *** -  Robert Ivo Ivan Krasoń
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I always, have been drawn
to the company of rainbow rhinoceros.
In my opinion
they're most capricious of capricious,
they won't eat sourcraut
without raisins and chocolate,
and fries must be unquestionably served with peanut butter
And they always murmur something under their nose
that's why their horns look so whimsical
just like me
they adore beautiful women, confetti, and Irish coffee
In awe over goldfish
in crystal aquarium
they snort, playfully squinting their eyes.
And when leaving,
They don't slam the door like others do,
but carefully sweep all the corners
of all disarranged sorrows
tossing them into used confetti boxes,

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