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translator:  zoola

translated poem: włączone działa lepiej (skup_palet) - Moderator: Michał Zabłocki
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I cannot manage anymore
Though I was so strong afore
A hundredth time I’ve made a trial
To fix that bookcase to the wire
For a true bloke never cries
Until my hand gets stuck and fries !
Now on the carpet do I lie
Still and numb as a drop-dead fly
A dog is licking my bare feet
As if they were some stock of beef
So I must be some dead scoop
If it eats me like some soup
My hair all curled up from fire
Smoked completely wall attire
If I were to think a bit
I’ve always been better fit
Now a weakling and here I’ll stay
I shall never go away
As I work much better plugged
Not to socket but my wife (all the better if I’m hugged)

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My rating:  
09.04.2010,  Caveman1

To Zoola

I like it when Zoola converses/Please continue with your verses...
09.04.2010,  Caveman1