The snow!

author:  kostakowski
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The snow falls down to the ground,how nice honey
snow so fat and so cold and its not funny,
snow that makes an Eskimo to go fool
Oh snow Stop!take a break and be cool!

Because the first twenty days we were so happy
but thats enough i think it starts to be so cruppy,
we built some snowmen you know anyway
but i dont know how to play you other way,
and its so hard for me that im almost old
to scratch the glasses of my car and spades hold,
and when i see myself on mirror of my house
to start wonder if its me or Santa Claus,
My God you listen?speak to You,i dont enjoy
and thats a reason our rellation to destroy,
please do the mirracle and give us sky blue
and make my house look like house and not igloo,
i hope my request to see with lot of sympathy
otherwise i will end with psychopathy,
its not good sign at 2 o clock after midnight
to stay on Internet instead to sleep to write,
and requesting You im not a realist
when rumors say that my friend you dont exist!

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25.01.2013,  kostakowski