author:  Anna Canić
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You took a stone to lapidate
The one who made you petrified
Now it's too late for your debate,
I will fulfill what's on my mind.

You swore by God and Rule of law
And violated all my rights
Mistaking dagger for a straw
You let me win without a fight.

Get off my way! I can be mean -
I had my teachers in your land
When tears are gone, I wouldn't lean,
Your fire cannot burn my sand.

Try to diminish all my truth
Repeating someone else's lies
I wasn't made for your abuse
My heart is not a sacrifice.

A debt? A duty? Mind your own!
There's too much darkness in your light
You might have dared to take a stone,
But then I made you petrified.
12.22.2021 Belgrade, Divorce Day

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04.03.2022,  Anna Canić

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