author:  Jerzy Marcinkowski
5.0/5 | 1

If you haven’t been annoying with the smirk
Have not laughed when some were about to cry
If you haven’t changed the rules during the game
Have not broken promises and fed lies
You would know the difference
You’d know the subtle difference
Between self-esteem and scorn

If you haven’t ever dreamt a hopeless dream
And your life hasn’t changed a bit over time
If your friend's never been in dire need
You haven’t felt a humble joy of gratitude
You wouldn’t tell the difference
You wouldn’t know the difference
Between upbeat and forlorn

If you noticed failures but honoured strife
Haven’t pandered to insatiable whims
If you haven’t run when we were meant to stride
If you turned right when everyone turns left
You would know the difference
Between the king of hearts
And the clown who yearns the crown

You’d know the difference
You’d tell the difference, difference, difference


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