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Whatever is outside of us
can only be surmised through sensory input

At any moment,
when we focus our attention on an object
we use all our senses to make sense of it
Our eyes, ears, nose, touch, taste and mind

Whatever information is thus gained
And synthesised
contributes to the formation of a perception
which at all times
is conditioned by our memories
related to what is observed
in each sensory modality
and unique to each individual

So that
What is perceived
is the sum total of current information
and past memories.

A rose may be beautiful and attractive to some
To be savoured and admired
and described as such
On the other hand,
It may be a source of great sadness for others
who associate it with a sad experience
to be cast away and forgotten

A Rose may lead
to perceptions related to botany for a Botanist
To a work of art to an artist
To a much-admired person who used a rose symbol

The touchy feelings of the petals
May lead to similar past touchy feelings
and rouse a whole set of memories

The smell of the rose
may transport you to an evening dinner
with a loved one where the fragrance of the roses
emanating from a vase
pervaded the happy occasion

So you see...
Every time we “see” an object,
we see it differently
All who “see” it at the same time as us
also, see it differently.

We can never know the “true” nature of what we see
Because each moment
And each perception
Is continuously conditioned by
What we knew in the past
What we know at the present moment
What will our thoughts be on the anticipatory future

But this does not mean that everything is an illusion
The information is real but what is perceived
May not reflect reality
But is it possible to make sense
only of the current moment as it is
uncluttered by past memories and perceptions?
Is this the only way to know what is real?
What really is Reality?


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23.06.2023,  mahengonsal

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