Marek-my friend

author:  mahengonsal
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I lost a friend
More than a friend
A man whom I had never met
Yet got to know so well
Really well
A man I loved and respected
There was no hype
We just had Skype

Good in English and polished in Polish
Charming, cheerful and imaginative
A translator par excellence
With a sense of humour
But deeply thoughtful
Considerate and sincere

We met every week on a Monday
But never on a Sunday
Greeted me with a smile
Then to work after a while
Thanked me for my help
And then we chat..
And chat and chat

We spoke of life
We spoke of friendship
We spoke of meaning and purpose
We laughed at our jokes
Said goodbye till the next
But the final one never came
Just a message
that he has departed.



Thank you Mahda. Yes I miss him a lot
06.11.2022,  mahengonsal

@ Magdalena Podobińska

this could be a song

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