author:  mahengonsal
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Deep blue sky with clean, bright cotton wool puffs,
Shining sun rays spreading hope and happiness
Sea stretching till it meets the sky
Wave upon wave with majestic power
Ripples near the shore with darting lights
Patterns of white foam appearing and disappearing
Stretching and spreading warmth on the golden shore,
Receding but returning
Forever and forever,
Long lines of foot prints nearly washed out
Never tiring, never resting
Forming patterns only you can imagine

The gushing wind, so strong but caressing, loving, healing, calming
The smell of sea weed, fish, salt rolled into one,
Take a deep breath with closed eyes
Calm and be happy, at least for now.

Then everything changes,
The sky is grey and heavy with dark gloom,
Streaks of lightning
Sheets of rain, so strong it hurts the face,
The waves now strong and angry
Wave upon wave lashing the shore with anger
Loud thunder,
I close my eyes and cover my ears and shiver

This is what life is
Calm and beautiful one moment.
Sad and tormenting the next,

Nothing is permanent,
Change is the Universal law


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