I feed on memories | versión final

traductor:  Jarosław Pasztuła

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I feed on memories
you forgot
strong hands held you
smile on the lips
extinguished with one gesture
you were laughing so loud

I remember

I'd love to hear it
still not enough words
emptiness lives in my mouth

I don't remember

jealousy didn't hurt with thorns
our little dreams
delicate fingers
touched the shoulders
pigeon feather wings

pink lips
were sticking to their lips
instead of rays
warm words

we were for each other
every night
in one breath
violet eyes with a look
the smell of summer
morning breath
the smell of hay
I was hanging in the air

autumn golden hair color
springs of twisted braids
little feet hurried
last minute steps

at night among the stars
I said goodbye
wiping his eyes on his Nirvana T-shirt

I won't stop

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