...Christmas Eve | final version

translator:  zoola

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this day
only once so bright
this night
only once so white
look still for
this very star
which has united us

we'll carry this while in our arms
and fragile as time
we'll light the fir- and pine-trees
melt ice in our hearts
we'll circle
the wind with a chain

we'll sing with the birds
at the table
white suits the dead will wear
we'll dance to the carol
and wine
like saints
and the Earth will tremble

we'll invite the Moon
to the window
the night won't sleep a wink
we'll lock closer
our eyes and hands
will hail the planets

translation HISTORY:



Widzę, że wszystko się zgadza i jest pięknie;
ślicznie dziękuję -
dobrych świąt życzę i pozdrawiam -

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