"Buried on the Baltic Beach" | final version

translator:  Caveman1

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Zakopane (originally:" buried"), a southern resort in the Tatra Mts
Świnoujście (originally:"pigs' mouth"), a northern resort on the Baltic Sea
Motto: "Mr Sandman, give me a dream"
Once Mr Sandman
Drove northwards in his van
Left markets and shops
Took all his sea beach props
He smiled seeing sand:
" A big sandbox,this land.
I think I can stay
It's my dream, so to say.
Slowly but surely
I'll play in sand - purely.
Though my finger aches
Adam's apple sound makes"
Despite his backaches
Good sand digging he makes.
He buried his feet
- Nice cold feeling, a treat.
"Oh, and let me check
Why not bury to neck?"
Thus being buried
Healed his ailments varied
So after a while
Others joined with a smile
More people dug sand
Spending time, using hand
Sandman,as it seems
Gave them a lot of dreams.

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