...when you love a woman | final version

translator:  Jarosław Pasztuła

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there are places
where time does not pass

I will repeat the words again and without emotion
life about love writes the best scenarios

take me out of here
first love happens
just us

the heart listens to the heart
the bell tolls sways his arms
obsessed with your shapes
such a crystal diamond in your hands a warm shiver

I felt that my gesture made sense
take me on a journey to the stars

you said give me time
one day one may
this evening long as a dream
one way but back to each other

there on the other side of the mirror
the most beautiful is ahead
you and me
I was playing strings
you played too

one meeting one night
like a prayer and amen

our happiness forever
look ahead today rain
happy and this
Don't forget you proved that you love me
you trusted, you enchanted a fairy tale

Let's grow old together in the arms of the wind
with the smell of lilac
the touch of my rough hands
kisses I will not count these meetings

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