Would-be Wood | final version

translator:  Caveman1

translated poem: Las wygasł (wiatr w oczy) - Moderator: Michał Zabłocki
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Fags' butts went into woods, grime!
It is not for the first time
Logs caught fire without warning
Burning,burning till the morning
Look, the fire engine came
From the town What-is-its-name
They saw there just one huge flame
Lads to water, not a game!
Suction hoses getting tight
Legs of trousers blowing right
Ladies came:staring,staring
At the lads who are so daring
Who the longest can pour is
Like that boy Manneken Pis
And the village admin's wife
Is so proud with sporting life
Wants to measure fire's lust
German tape hangs on her bust
"Down with German stuff",folks shout
"Take a Polish tape, no doubt".
They did quarrel, they did fight
And the wood burnt out alright
When it all burnt to the end
Firemen from the wood went

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