(Essay) Sonic Highways- “a love letter” from Dave Grohl “ to the history of American music”

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Sonic Highways is an album by Foo Fighters created concurrently with an HBO documentary series under the same title. Each of the eight songs has that local flavor of the city the band recorded in. The whole album, even though probably as far from being a masterpiece as the Earth is from the Sun, tastes delicious!
Dave Grohl has a special place in my heart. Therefore, to be objective when it comes to his music, is as hard for me as to notice my own children’s flaws. If someone dedicates you a lovely, romantic song during his concert you will love him forever, right? For better and for worse!
Though on the surface it’s just a decent rock realise, it has deeper levels. Just dig in. I did. And I fell into. Head over hills in love with this album. Yet, it wasn’t love from the first hearing...
When I first listened to the record my disappointment was reminiscent of the one I got when I opened the box from Bonprix with a dress inside which excited I tried on only to discover it didn’t fit!
But it was Foo Fighters…So I gave it a second chance. Then a third and a fourth…
Yet, I was still like “well…….Dave,….. I love you anyway…”
Until one morning the revelation came. I woke up with the song Subterranean in my head:
“You might think you know me
I know damn well you don't
Oh no, oh no, you don't”
I played it loud and it felt like a bolt from the blue. Such a stunning sound! It was good for a start. What a great appetizer indeed! And I was hungry for more…
In the days to follow I would rediscover the other songs: "Congregation", “Outside”, “I am a River” …..until I got them all. Inside. In my heart.
Then time came for this amazing HBO documentary which gives substance to the songs and is simply like a basket full of goods! Dave’s love for music and people is so transparent there that you have a feeling you look into his soul.
Each episode features local legends and ends with a song with animated lyrics appearing in the background so you have an impression they’re almost palpable.
If you expect a cathartic experience from Seattle, Dave’s “phantom limb”, you won’t be disappointed. It is as emotional as it should be, leaving you in awe and tears.
To me, the power of the album is hidden. It’s Subterranean at first but then it overflows like a River.It grows slowly on you and takes you deeper and deeper. You dive and swim in these underground rivers flowing from city to city, marvelously connected by the power of music. These unbelievable Sonic Highways can take you really far!
I do remember I didn’t like the record initially but I can’t remember how it feels any more…
The truth is, the music on the record needs time to taste this delicious and ripe. Just like wine. And then you get drank. But there won’t be a hangover. Together with the documentary you get a rich and exquisite meal you eat and drink until you are full. But are you really? You won’t be willing to listen to anything else for some time, believe me.
It’s The Feast and the Famine .

Ps: Sonic Highways full album: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3WaCU5Hm5b8
Sonic Highways HBO documentary trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0TrqXHoL10

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