author:  Elisabeth Vaury
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Day flight, Beauty of night
I cross the snowy mountains
I take flight in the rain
To take you and give you
Has you the thief of my nights
Day flight, on nuagé sky
At dawn we shall have taken everything
Ô beautiful bird let I like yourself
My insomnias will be only a memory
Beautiful bird made by me your key
I say it to you in black in red my love I write
I may look, it seems that you are also my past
I remember it myself it was yesterday and today
You were put rest as settle on my flown away
And I I trembled and even worse
2O the years are crossed and I not t ' forgot
I put lost in a place without wish
And you come back from your spread wings
To cover my skin of your claws
Ô beautiful bird made to bleed
Summits I roar of pleasure

Of you I can accept everything
And even if this has to cost me the life
My sky is too heavy without you, you know!
No you not know him then I say it to you
Here only without you I am cold, I come to love you
You beautiful bird came from the cold, I come as a melody
To drink with you the absinthe of Verlaine has the Grey tint
I come I leave my cursed cities
I knew that you would be the similar has my dreamed nights
You the beautiful bird coming from the cold to the taste to live

Night flight on tired sky

You want to pick up me the starry sky
For silk stocking
But I want only you
To you I want to re-warm
Not at the end of an invisible chaine silvered
Night flight sorry sky
By so much wasting, for some madnesses
If you love me forget jewelries
Night flight sky has my heart

But pity offers of the beech not of cellular

Elisabeth Vaury