2 PIC or Too Personal Identity Card | work in progress

translator:  Caveman1

translated poem: Dowód zbyt osobisty (Frene) - Moderator: Michał Zabłocki
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Oh my dear, oh my dear
In the office wasn't all clear
I went first to room number four
Got a problem, from door I swore
It was time my I-Card to change
Signed it as it was pre-arranged
Now I am all apalled and shocked
Seeing card data I am blocked
All data on my card are changed
All figures are newly arranged
See, my hair turns out to be green
My ears are too huge to be seen
Plus this remark:"Broad in shoulders"
Though "Barbra" says "first name holder's"
I am female, body and soul
What's more, my husband is a Pole
That is the proof to be reminded
I am not bureaucratic - minded

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