My Dream:Going Tuwim | final version

translator:  Caveman1

translated poem: tuwimieję (Caveman1) - Moderator: Michał Zabłocki
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(in memory of Julian Tuwim, a poet from Łódź,Poland)

I have in Łódź my own bench
Wrote a poem upon it
And to this bench now I clench
And forever I will sit
Some shout:"Oh, my dear Julian"
And some sit there on my knees
Though the task is Herculean
It is nothing my hair feels
They say I am now stone-cold
It is hard to find reply
If here could sit Milton old
Who find Eden he did try
Far, too, resides Avon Bard
To sit alone - my damn fate
No hint, no clue, it is hard
To leave that Łódź,my dear mate!

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