Time is my burden

author:  mahengonsal
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Long is this spine I declare
With a basket hanging at the rear
Also another in front over there
Together they go everywhere

With my burden, I walk
I try and focus on the task
But my past follows me, stalk
Future too I see, I wear no mask

If I drop the rear basket
I have no identity, become a nobody
But as I see my front basket
I get a sense of “me”, I am somebody

My rear basket makes me happy at times
As some contents make me smile
But bad ones keep popping up often times
Making me sad for quite a while

The front one makes me happy for a while
As something nice to come makes me smile
But it’s not only nice things to come I see
Bad ones fill me with fear and anxiety

I cannot get rid of my burden
For to my pole and baskets, I am attached
If I get rid of my burden, become detached
I may get rid of sadness but also of happiness?
And I will lose myself, but find my true self?