Hello I am Bobby

author:  mahengonsal
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Hello my name is Bobby
I don’t have a hobby
Not even a hubby
‘Cos I am a doggy

Did I have a previous life?
Or perhaps even a wife?
I don’t really care
Enough to focus on now I declare

What happens when I die?
I am more concerned here and now
When my next meal comes by
When next my master cuddles me bow wow!

Do I have a self or identity?
No idea but certainly not a non-entity
Am I equipped with consciousness?
Why waste time thinking, or is it a weakness?


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Dear Mahen, I appreciate it. Let me remind you that you can find on emultipoetry.eu your poem poem of similar meaning entitled "A Dog's Day" with my translation " Dzień z życia psa" which was a joint translation of my 3rd year college students - it was in 2011: how quckly time flies! :)) (sigh)
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14.12.2020,  Caveman1