Climate Change

author:  kellyrise
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The greenhouse effect, the threat of draught in California, and a great number of other facts show how human activities contribute to the changes in the balance of nature. However, with numerous proofs that it is necessary to unite efforts in order to avoid more serious consequences, people seem to stay indifferent to what is happening around. As a result, a number of discussions try to prove that lack of conscious acceptance of the problem stands in the way of solving climate change problems.
With the appearance of climate change-related issues, it became obvious that each person on the Earth is related to it to a greater or smaller extent. Therefore, all people have to participate in decreasing the existing harm. However, the majority of population ignores the problem mainly because people do not understand that the problem is real. In the video published by Seeker Daily, Evan Pushak discusses the problem of Californian draught in order to show the reaction of people on the governmental demands to contribute to the solving of this climate problem. According to the NASA scientists, there is “approximately one year of water left”. However, for some reasons, there remains a great contrast between what people say and what they do. Regardless of the government’s decisions to cut the water usage to at least 20%, they reduced it only to 10%. Moreover, no fines were applied to water wasters to show that the problem is really serious. Thus, it becomes obvious that people are not willing to sacrifice in the present for the future primarily because of the society of “rapid consumers”. Hence, first, it is necessary to admit that the problem exists. Moreover, getting engaged in collective actions is a crucial step on the way to solving collective problems.
However, Colbert argues that the modern society is not serious and responsible enough to admit the problem and get united for the common purpose. Considering the wide presence of skepticism regarding the global warming in the governmental declarations, one may see that it contributes to public unwillingness to take the problem seriously. Even the “I am not a scientist” argument widely heard from politicians proves that the climate change problems is not represented and admitted seriously among the population.
Ultimately, the main tasks in the current situation are to make people admit the problem and consciously unite to struggle with it. The role of the government in the current situation is quite important.
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