A Dog's day

author:  mahengonsal
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Hurrah! we are away
free to roam all day

So boring to be cooped up
we dogs do like a run up

That looks interesting
must get closer for testing

Sniff sniff, waggle waggle
Oh my! ogle ogle!

Not as good as it looks
smell not nice either! shucks

Hey! who is that I wonder
yap! yap! let's go yonder

You may be tall my friend
but you don't set the trend

See, I can run faster
honest I am no boaster

Hey come on , don't get angry
just wanted to play and be merry

OK then, see if I care
bite me, don't you dare!

Hey she looks so cute
sniff, sniff, nice smell you beaut

Lets have a taste of your fur
lick! lick!, nice for sure

Hey you are tickling me!
But I like it as you can see

See you then, I'll run undaunted
That tree, just what I wanted

Leg up, ooh! what a relief too
a dog must, just like humans do

I am going to scare that man for sure
Run! Run!Yap! Yap! look at him cower

OK! OK! I'll come back at a run
no harm meant, just a bit of fun

What? Run after the ball thrown?
OK then happy to please, don't frown

Got it! I suppose you want it back
Oh no, thrown it again! whack!

Phew I am a tired and hot doggy
that's my tongue hanging out, silly

Can't help it when I get hot
Cools me down such a lot

Oh no its that leash again, bother!
come on, can't we stay a bit longer

OK then, I shall come now
promise me a bone bow wow

Would be nice to have some rest
Another exciting day, the very best.

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