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Keto Pro Slim idyllic image of the cooks and their work, although Elia recognizes that in real life, "you don't disrespect and also work as a team, not as in some programs." The attitude is also important (just like knowing how to throw a cane) In Seville, the Cruzcampo Foundation Cooking School is located in a white building and a hostel . Its about 60 students have to leave the skin, for a year, in the different games they are forced to go through: fish, meat, pastry, production, room, plonge (wash pans and pans) and theory (including classes of English). "Here that is not reflected boom of Masterchef- Javier Soriano, one of the professors, tells us. When you put eight hours of scrubbing on pots you have to say: 'guys, this is what is behind the curtain to get to that moment of serving something nice'.