Between birth and death

author:  mahengonsal
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We are all in a journey, don’t hold your breath
It starts at birth and ends at death
Whether we are sad or happy is subjective
There are no absolutes in this narrative

That which causes elation in one may not move another
The very same instance of material or spiritual gain in one
Can produce happiness in one but not in the other
Isn’t it sensible to choose the simplest way to gain the maximum?

Pleasant or unpleasant experience is governed by your mind
Train the mind so that five pound feels the same as a hundred you find
So that admiring a beautiful sky or a leafy glade or a flowing stream
Is as satisfying as indulgence in an expensive theme

Mindfulness, letting go of attachments and false thinking
Giving up Craving, living a simple life, from immoral actions shrinking
Looking outwards, caring and full of loving kindness to all living beings
This surely is the way to occupy time between birth and death unceasing


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:) :) :)
I'm glad you're back :) And the poem is really great!


Glad you like it. I am back and shall think of a song soon.
10.11.2015,  mahengonsal

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