Pride and Precipice

author:  mahengonsal
5.0/5 | 1

He knocked on the door
I knew it was him
I waited
He knocked again
Should I or should I not
Pride, self esteem
Or happiness

I opened the door
He looked so sad
"So sorry I spoke harsh
Please forgive me
I am sorry
I am so sorry"

I slammed shut the door
Leant back shut my eyes
Tears poured down my cheeks
I wanted him in my arms
It hurt so much

He was still at the door
"Go away" I said
All was silent
I stood there
I heard footsteps recede

I wanted him so much
Fold him in my arms
Say how much I wanted him
How much I loved him
But pride and self esteem
They won the day
Senseless, madness
I have lost my way.


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