All kinds of Misses

author:  mahengonsal
3.0/5 | 2

Miss Chief is far too bossy
Miss Fortune is so unlucky
Miss Heard's totally paranoid
Miss Laid was never ever found
Miss Identified ended in prison
Miss Rule was charged for treason

Miss Adventure lost her way
Miss Judged had her say
Miss Diagnose, the useless doctor
Miss Treat an absolute monster
Miss Guided is always in trouble
Miss Quote sends in a rebuttal


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My rating:  

OOps! Should be 5 stars !!

Yes, I read it, liked it, tried to translate it, but due to "play on words" in English it is un-translatable... :))
Once again: *****
18.05.2015,  Caveman1

My rating

My rating:  
18.05.2015,  Caveman1